Caponi Art Park is made possible thanks to generous funding from foundations, corporate sponsors, and individual donors.

We do our best to acknowledge our donors and volunteers. We apologize if we have made an error and ask that you report it to our office at 651.454.9412.

2018 Contributors

Eagan Foundation
Elmer L. and Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Minnesota Historical Society
Minnesota State Arts Board
The Saint Paul Foundation

Annabella’s Antique Mall
Robin Kleffman State Farm
Sam’s Club Eagan
Think Mutual Bank
Valley Natural Foods
Wal Mart Foundation

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Sponsors
Anchor Bank
AVR Inc.
Bald Man Brewing
Dakota Electric Association
Minnesota Energy Resources
The Urgency Room
Turtle Sign Company[/twocol_one_last]
[twocol_one]Friends of Caponi Art Park
Patricia Anderson
Mary Jo Bailey
Mike and Marji Bailey
Steve Cox and Barbara Naramore
Kristen Vihovde and Jim Bolland
James and Mary Bassett
Robert and Judith Brezinski
Mario and Luisa Caponi
Ivy Celender
Roberta Dascalos
Joanie Davis
Chet and Sharon Ellingson
Stacy and Peter Fleenor
Patrick and Suzanne Geagan
Connie Gunderson
Paul and Patricia Gust
Gary Hansen
Craig Harris
James Hartung
Colleen and Greg Hayne
Karel and Mike Helgeson
Valorie Jackson
Juli and Todd Johnson
Brenda Kadlec [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
Joseph and Catherine Kalkman
Katrina and Gene Laube
Nancy  Menning
Gina Buccellato and Mike Supina
Susan Moore
Don Mueting
Jean Nelson
Marjorie Patrick
Jina Penn-Tracy
Wayne Potratz
Karilyn Ryan
Merri Schreiber
Jerald and Leona Shannon
Randal and Diane Smith
Cheryl and Jeffrey Spangler
Eric Swanson
Maryann Swayze
Elaine  Tecklenburg
Heather and Mike Westerlund
Wayne and Mary Wolsey
Wayne and Mary Wolsey
Jo and Pat Lipinski
Valley Natural Foods [/twocol_one_last]

Robert Adams
Sameer Aidoor
Janice  Austad
Cathryn Balek
Heather Barringer
Rhea Benz
Cheryl Bergen
Susan Bertrand
Mindy Bichel
William Bitzenhofer
Barbara Blumer
Nancy Caponi
Damiano and Pat Caponi
James and Gayle Carlson
Joan Carlson
Vanessa Carter-Thompson
Melissa Casey
Donald and Karen Degenaro
Karl and Andrea Dobberman
Steve Dunlap
Diane Endorf
Joanne Frankovich
Paul and Kate Habegger [/threecol_one][threecol_one]
Sandy and Tom Hamel
Beth Hardy
Thomas and Deborah Hedges
Ellen Heisel
Stefan and Lonnie Helgeson
Helen Hillstrom
James and Marjorie Jacobson
Melanie Jordan
Madhuri Kasat-Shors
Doug Keller
Pat Koors
Mary K Lanz
Lynn Lau
Linda Lee
Patricia Legvold
Michael Lewine
Albert Lindeke
Karen Mackenzie
JoAnne Makela
Cathleen Marquardt
Karla McCabe
Bernard and Karen McGarrigle
Larry and Cheryl Moe [/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]
William Muchow
Kirk Muhlenbruck
Kathleen Palmer
Linda Passon-McNally
Liz Pearson
Andrew Pimental
Kyza Potratz
Wendy Raway
David Rosenbaum
Stephen Rueff
Mary Lynn Sauer
Grace and Richard Schmitt
Tammy Severe
Michael and Mary Sexton
Tony and Sally Sexton
Andrea Sisel
Gordon and Jane Skjerven
Farrell and Kathleen Stiegler
Nancy Thorman Dahl
JoAnne Trygestad
Aaron Van Moorlehem
Donovan and Audery Wagner
Kathleen Willette [/threecol_one_last]